Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Free Hide Folder

Windows' Hide option in an item's properties is very simple and useless since everyone knows how to unhide it. In this case, Free Hide Folder can help you to make your files and folder totally invisible, . It is very useful to hide your private data and others will not know where is your files and folders.

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It is very easy to hide folders using Free Hide Folder. You need to run Free Hide Folder, select and locate the folder you want to hide and click hide folder button.

• Hide your folder completely. Unless you unhide it yourself, nobody can find it.
• Password protection when running program.
• No file system structure modifications needed.
• Any number of folders may be hidden at the same time.
• Easy-to-use user interface.

But notice that it is only for Windows.




Vitali said...

I recommend you to try Universal Shield from Everstrike Software:

Best solution on the market.

Wai Yan said...

Thanks a lot Vitali. I will try these.